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Welcome to the Giftman ‑ Gift Wrap & Message Report Page!

The Report Page provides you with a comprehensive list of gift orders placed through the Giftman app. This page allows you to access vital information about each order, including order name, order date, gift ID, order total, the gift option selected by the user, and the gift message. Let’s explore the key details available on this page:

1. Order Name:

Each gift order is assigned a unique order name or identifier, which helps you differentiate and track individual orders easily. The order name provides a quick reference for identifying specific gift orders within your records.

2. Order Date:

The order date indicates the date and time when the gift order was placed. This information helps you maintain a chronological order of gift orders, enabling efficient tracking and analysis.

3. Gift ID:

The gift ID is a unique identifier associated with each gift order. This ID serves as a reference for linking the gift order to the corresponding gift option and allows for seamless management and organization.

4. Order Total:

The order total represents the overall cost of the gift order, including the selected gift option and any other items or charges associated with the order. It provides a clear understanding of the financial aspects of each gift order.

5. Gift Option Selected:

This section displays the specific gift option chosen by the user for the order. It includes details such as the gift wrap style, gift message selection, and gift receipt inclusion. Understanding the gift option selected helps you fulfill the order accurately and deliver a delightful gift experience.

6. Gift Message:

The gift message section showcases the personalized message provided by the customer for their gift order. This message allows the sender to express their thoughts and wishes to the recipient, adding a heartfelt touch to the gift.

We hope this overview of the Report Page helps you track and manage your gift orders effectively. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is always ready to assist you.

Happy reviewing and analyzing your gift orders with Giftman!