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Welcome to the Giftman ‑ Gift Wrap & Message Add New Gift Page!

The “Add New Gift” page allows you to create and customize new gift options using the Giftman app. This feature-rich page offers a range of functionalities to tailor the gift according to your preferences. Let’s explore the key features available on this page:

1. Gift Name:

Start by providing a unique and descriptive name for your gift. This name will help you identify and manage the gift option within your inventory.

2. Products:

Choose the products to which you want to associate the gift option. You have three options to select from:

Option 1. All Products:
The gift option will be available for all products in your store.

Option 2. Included Products:
Specify the specific products for which the gift option should be available.

Option 3. Excluded Products:
Exclude certain products from offering the gift option.

3. Show Option:

Decide how the gift option should be presented to your customers. You have two options to choose from:

Option 1. Single Checkbox:

The gift option will be presented as a single checkbox for customers to select.

Option 2. Popup Modal:

When customers click on a checkbox, a popup modal will appear, displaying the gift option and related details.

Note: If you choose the “Popup Modal” option in the “Show Option” section, you can enable all four options (Gift Wrap, Gift Message, and Gift Receipt, Gift Addons) within the popup modal.

4. Gift Wrap:

Customize the gift wrap aspect of your gift option, including:

  • Title: Provide a catchy and descriptive title for the gift wrap.
  • Price: Set a price, if applicable, for the gift wrap option.
  • Image: Upload an appealing image to showcase the gift wrap style.
  • Description: Provide additional information or details about the gift wrap option.

5. Gift Message:

Customize the gift message aspect of your gift option, including:

  • Title: Give a meaningful title to the gift message option.
  • Price: Set a price, if applicable, for the gift message feature.
  • Description: Provide any relevant information or instructions for customers to personalize their gift messages.

6. Gift Receipt:

Customize the gift receipt aspect of your gift option, including:

  • Title: Assign a clear and concise title to the gift receipt option.
  • Price: Set a price, if applicable, for including a gift receipt.
  • Description: Provide any necessary details or explanations about the gift receipt feature.

7. Gift Addons:

If you want to offer additional products as add-ons to the gift, you can select the specific products that customers can choose from. This allows customers to include extra items along with their gift.

We hope this overview of the “Add New Gift” page helps you create unique and customizable gift options for your customers. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is always ready to assist you.

Happy creating and enhancing the gifting experience with Giftman!